Are you one of the most promising startups? Catch the wave and win 1,000,000 €

CUBECUBE's goal is to push the envelope on innovation. Making change and innovation happen in the industry is a tough challenge that takes knowledge, creativity, time and also courage. No Equity. No obligations. No strings attached.

If your startup is outstanding, your products are desperately needed by the industry and the best of all qualifiers, CUBE will give you one million euros in cash. The prize will give you a level of independence that will allow you to forge partnerships with the Industry more easily, without having to explain or look for funding.

The selection for participation in the CUBE Challenge will take place in several phases throughout the challenge year and across all the various Global Touchpoint events leading up to the culmination point: the finals at the Tech Fair in 2017.

Everything starts with joining the ecosystem. CUBE will check your application after you have signed up, filled out the questionnaire, possibly including recommendations, and submitted your application here.

Startups, which qualify for the CUBE ecosystem, automatically take part in the CUBE challenge as part of their application.

The winner of the CUBE challenge shall be selected from the startups that present their company as part of a pitch to a panel at the CUBE Tech Fair from 10-12 May 2017 ("CUBE Challenge Finale").

There are several ways to get an invitation to the CUBE Challenge Finale:

  • CUBE Ecosystem
    From all companies of the CUBE ecosystem, a maximum of 20 startups will be selected, which each qualify as potential industry partners based on their application and demonstrate particular promise.

    At the CUBE Hackathon on 10 May 2017, one company from this category, based on a pitch, will qualify for the CUBE Challenge Finale on 12 May 2017. ("CUBE ecosystem candidate").

  • CUBE Global Touchpoint Events
    A selection of companies from the CUBE ecosystem will also be invited by CUBE to up to ten global touchpoint events. From those invited, up to ten startups that can evidence specific discussions on cooperation with potential industry partners and demonstrate particular promise will qualify.

    The best two companies from this category that make their pitch at the CUBE Hackathon on 10 May 2017 will qualify for the CUBE Challenge Finale on 12 May 2017 ("global touchpoint candidates").

  • CUBE Cooperation Space
    A selection of companies from the CUBE ecosystem will be given the option to make a key presentation on a specific project working together with a CUBE industry partner at the CUBE Tech Fair from 10-12 May 2017. The joint project and the presentation at the CUBE Tech Fair will be prepared in up to seven months from October 2016 in the CUBE cooperation space in Berlin. A maximum of three companies from this category will qualify in a pitch event in the CUBE cooperation space right before the CUBE Tech Fair for the CUBE Challenge Finale on 12 May 2017 ("CUBE space candidates").

  • CUBE Tech Fair
    The participants, who purchased a ticket for the CUBE tech fair, will determine which company from among all participating startups meeting the CUBE ecosystem qualification criteria will also qualify for the CUBE Challenge Finale on 12 May 2017. The startup with the most "likes" will qualify ("Popular candidate"). readers can benefit from an exclusive CUBE Tech Fair discount - get 30% off the ticket price using our unique promo code pharmanewsCUBE17 when you register online here.

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About CUBE
CUBE is a Berlin-based global innovation ecosystem that aims to promote, create and foster partnerships between industry players and startups in life sciences & digital health, machinery & manufacturing as well as infrastructure & connectivity. Being part of the CUBE ecosystem allows all participants to collaborate on innovative products and ideas in response to concrete industry needs.

The annual CUBE Tech Fair, our flagship event, will take place for the first time in May 2017. For further information, please visit