MSD Innovation Factory Selects 3 Companies to co-Create Digital Health Solutions

MSD Innovation FactoryThroughout the MSD Innovation Factory, MSD launched 7 health-related challenges to award the three most outstanding solutions. Blendarsys, Symptoma and Grupo Pulso are the winners out of 100 proposals. The companies will receive up to $20,000 each to co-create and roll-out their solution with MSD support.

MSD, as a leading pharmaceutical company, commits to open innovation as a path to place patients' and healthcare professionals' needs at the center. Through 'MSD Innovation Factory', the pharmaceutical company is partnering now with the most groundbreaking companies around the world. The goal is to co-create digital health solutions with the support of MSD country innovation teams.

The 3 winning solvers ready to co-create with MSD

  • Blendarsys and MSD Turkey Innovation Team to launch a digital solution for anesthesiologists. The goal is to ease their continuous education and professional development with interactive and engaging content.
  • Symptoma and MSD Gulf Innovation Team will work on a digital solution for healthcare professionals. The challenge to be solved is how to support HCPs to better prescribe antibiotics to their patient. MSD aims to fight against Antimicrobial Resistance.
  • Grupo Pulso and MSD South Africa Innovation Team to help parents how to manage the vaccination of their children. They will develop a mobile digital solution for acquiring vaccine information and tracking its administration.

The big final took place in Zurich in January. 7 finalist companies supported by MSD local innovation teams presented their solutions. The jury was composed by Nico Van Hoecke - MSD President for Middle East and Africa, Anna Laura Palombo - Middle East & Africa Chief of Staff, Wim Vandenhouweele - Commercial Innovation for MSD International, Thomas Brenzikofer - Member of the Board at, Mauricio Campos - CIO for Middle East and Africa, and Antonio Borregon - CMO/COO for MSD EURAM Region.

Joining forces to be the leaders of tomorrow

"MSD Innovation Factory is one of the best examples of how an open innovation vehicle can help us not only to drive business value today by joining forces with new companies, but also to keep an eye on nascent technologies that can help us to be the leaders of tomorrow," says Nico Van Hoecke - Middle East & Africa President.

"The customer solutions we create will adapt better to our true customer's needs, optimize the use of resources and maximize value creation for our patients, HCPs, partners and MSD," adds Mauricio Campos - Middle East & Africa CIO

Wael Metwally also shares his experience. He is the Country Innovation Leader for the Gulf Region and has co-created with Symptoma the solution for GAP PRO (one of the awarded challenges). "The MSD Innovation Factory supports Merck/MSD vision of Inventing for Life. We are looking forward to work with great partners like using new futuristic technology trends to better save lives of many patients suffering from Antibiotic Resistance. Huge platforms like MSD Innovation Factory encourage entrepreneurs to work with MSD towards a great cause."

Co-creating solutions to address real world challenges patients and medical providers

Dr. med. univ. Jama Nateqi - Symptoma CEO, talks about his experience in "MSD Innovation Factory". "The MSD Innovation Factory is innovative in itself. Multinationals are already opening up to outside innovations. Merck goes even one step further by actually co-creating solutions to address real world challenges patients and medical providers have. The WHO estimates that by 2050 10 million patients could die from antimicrobial resistance, if we don't act now. Over the last months, Merck and have analysed the root causes of antimicrobial resistance, and formed a joint approach including both their innovations, technologies and experiences. We are excited to join forces for the patient's good."

About the MSD Innovation Factory

MSD Innovation Factory has been the open innovation vehicle for the MEA (Middle East & Africa) region since 2016. Its main objective is to find co-creation opportunities with external partners to deliver sustainable solutions for our patients and customers.

MSD is a global healthcare company with a 125-year history of working to make a difference. MSDĀ“s vision is to make a difference in the lives of people globally through our innovative medicines, vaccines, and animal health products. We are committed to being the premier, research-intensive biopharmaceutical company and are dedicated to providing leading innovations and solutions for today and the future.

The Innovation Factory is supported by TICBioMed, a business association specialized in digital health.

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