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Doctors 2.0 & You - The HealthCare Social Media and Web 2.0 Conference

23 - 24 May 2012, Paris, France.
The 2nd Annual International Doctors 2.0 & You Congress will convene in Paris to highlight how doctors and other healthcare professionals, patients, hospitals, government, pharma, and payers use Social Media, mobile apps, and Web 2.0 tools to connect and the best practices that emerge for each. The organizers have also launched the Doctors 2.0 & You manifesto, to which they invite eHealth enthusiasts to contribute their thoughts -

Conference topics will Include:

  • Connecting the ePatient and the 2.0 doctor
  • Online patient communities
  • Online physician communities
  • Social Media and EMR
  • Social Media Campaigns: Government, Hospitals, Pharma
  • Mobile Apps for patients
  • Mobile MedEd
  • Quantified Self
  • Pharma & Regulatory
  • Serious Games

Presenters include:

  • Dr Frank Antwerpes - DocCheck, Germany
  • Kathi Apostolidis - ePatient, Greece
  • Dr Yossi Bahagon - Clalit, Israel
  • Dr Bart Brandenburg - Tweetspreekuur, Netherlands
  • Dr Larry Chu - Medicine X, Stanford Medicine, USA
  • Dr Jennifer Dyer - EndoGoddess, USA
  • Jorge Juan Fernandez Garcia - Hospital San Juan de Dios, Spain
  • Oxana Kolosova -, Russia
  • Sarah Kucharski - AfternoonNapper, USA
  • Brian Lowe - Inspire, USA
  • Dr Jacques Lucas - National Order of Physicians, France
  • Dr Howard J Luks - Orthopedist, USA
  • Tiantian Li -, China
  • Dr Bertalan Mesko - Webicina, Hungary
  • John Pugh - Boehringer Ingelheim, United Kingdom
  • John Sharp - Cleveland Clinic, United States
  • Lawrence Sherman - Prova Education, United States
  • Vincent Varlet - Novartis, France
  • Paul Wicks - PatientsLikeMe, United Kingdom

For further information, please visit:

About Doctors 2.0 & You Congress
The 2nd International Doctors 2.0 & You Congress, under the High Patronage of the French ministry of health, will gather together supporters of health 2.0 and social media services from the five continents. Doctors 2.0 & You is a unique event, run by eHealth and Social Media Experts with a desire to improve the quality of healthcare through the use of web 2.0, social media, and apps. The 400+ participants represent all walks of Health and Medicine, patients, professionals, pharma, government, payers.