Join Hospital+Innovation Congress in Denmark

30 September - 1 October 2013, Odense, Denmark.
The conference program will be designed as a combination of contributions from Danish and international keynote speakers and open innovation workshops that will contribute to the understanding of how to create a health care system which ultimately focuses on the individual patient's needs, e.g. through flexible hospitals, modern management and telemedicine.

Pre-event video

Introduction to Southern Denmark Health Innovation and the background of the congress

The conference is built on four main themes:

  • Taking Flexible Hospital Construction to the next Level
  • Hospital design to reduce adverse events
  • Care at distance - a new partnership between hospital and patient
  • Psychiatric Hospital Construction

Come join the network and engage in an Open Innovation environment with these key decision makers from around the world:

  • Mikkel Hemmingsen, CEO, Region of Southern Denmark
  • Frank Jensen, PhD. Cantab, Dipl-Ing. New Odense University Hospital
  • Jane Kraglund, CEO, Odense University Hospital
  • Per Christiansen, CEO, North Denmark Region
  • Christian Christensen, CPO, Region Zealand
  • Hjalte Aaberg, CEO, The Capital Region of Denmark
  • Ole Thomsen, Head of Corporate Management, Central Denmark Region
  • Barbara Spurrier, Administrative Director Center for Innovation, Mayo Clinic
  • Andrew Rose Watson, Department of Surgery UPMC, Vice President, International and Commercial Services Division
  • John Grumitt, VP Finance, The International Diabetes Federation
  • Professor Arno Elmer, CEO, Gematik
  • Dr. Hakki Ozturk, Director General, Health Information Systems, Turkish Ministry of Health
  • Dr. Unal Hulur, Head of Department, Health Information Systems, Turkish Ministry of Health
  • Mr. Jorge Solla, State Secretary of Health of the State of Bahia
  • Mr. Claudio Lottemberg, CEO of the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein
Industry leaders
  • Frans van Houten, CEO, Phillips (NL)
  • Dave Evans, Chief Futurist, Cisco (US)
  • Dr. Sebastian Krolop, Management Consulting Lead, Accenture Health (DE)
  • Ulrik Gernow, Senior Vice President, Lego (DK)
  • Louis Becker, CEO, Henning Larsen Architects (DK)

Social event
The social event takes place in Odense City Hall. Enjoy a wonderful dinner in magnificent surroundings with fellow participants of the congress. Odense is one of Denmark's oldest cities. The 190.000 inhabitants make Odense Denmark's third largest city with an advantageous location in the heart of Denmark. This makes Odense a great meeting point.

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