WoHIT 2014: Continuity of Care in the Interoperability Showcase

2 - 4 April 2014, Nice, France.
In the frames of the WoHIT 2014 will be provided the opportunity to see the renowned Interoperability Showcase, the real continuity of care live event. Healthcare stakeholders come together to demonstrate the benefits of using standards-based interoperable health IT solutions for effective and secure health data information exchange. During two days, April 3rd and 4th, the Interoperability Showcase will challenge industry solution providers to assemble a connected network of healthcare systems that carry patient data through the confines of the hospital to the Community and to the Patient's home. However, data exchange isn't the only challenge; industry solution providers will be showcasing the unique features that make systems usable for both healthcare providers and patients.

For the first time in France delegates at WoHIT will see all the benefits of interoperability: from the patient visit to the GP, to diagnosis in departments such as Laboratory, Digital Pathology, Radiology, Cardiology, to intervention such as Cardiology and Radiation Therapy, and afterwards, Patient Care Devices (bedside monitoring), Pharmacy, Patient Care Coordination and QRPH (Quality, Research and Public Health), secondary use of information for overall healthcare improvement. Finally, monitoring the recovery of the patient in the home setting.

The Interoperability Showcase is using real solutions to show how interoperability can be achieved, but more than that - it gives a vision and a test for solution providers. WoHIT 2014 gives a real world window into how to make investments that make a real impact.

Breaking Barriers to Interoperable Healthcare

  • Use Case-focused Tours - Interoperability Showcase allows visitors to see a clinical continuum of care, demonstrated through multiple clinically-accurate use case scenarios simulating healthcare environments such as Ambulatory, Hospital/Provider, Emergency, Chronic Care, Public Health and more.
  • Valuable Partnerships & Collaboration - Interoperability Showcase demonstrates the important partnerships and collaborations between many relevant organizations including Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE), HL7, IEEE, Continua, government agencies, and other key stakeholders. The event becomes an all-inclusive demonstration of the current state of adoption of standards-based solutions.
  • Global Initiatives - Interoperability Showcases are hosted around the world, focusing on regional health information exchange issues. Each year, HIMSS partners with Health IT vendors and standards organizations to deliver the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase.
  • Volunteer Engagement - HIMSS Interoperability Showcase is the ideal venue for individuals to become involved in breaking barriers to interoperable healthcare.

Why the Home is the Future for Healthcare in Europe
The battle of providing better care for chronic patients and the end of life must be fought at the home. Patients and their families must provide nearly all of the care that is needed to avoid expensive hospital admissions. Yet today, there are few tools that extend healthcare services outside of the hospital or the GP's office. Hospitals, Doctors, Patients and families need the connection providing by IT to get better healthcare outcomes.

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