European Respiratory Society (ERS) Awards Annual COPD Research Prize

Boehringer IngelheimDuring its official award ceremony, the European Respiratory Society (ERS) announced this year's recipient of the Society's award for research in the field of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Dr. Hendrika Marian (Marike) Boezen, Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. The ERS Research Award acknowledges the work of engaged scientists active in pulmonology research. The prize, 50.000 Euros to be used for scientific research projects in the field of COPD, is sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim, a leading international pharmaceutical company committed to research since its foundation in 1885.

The prize goes to Professor Boezen for the project "Genetics of (non)smoking-related COPD: extreme accelerated FEV 1 decline and/or developed COPD in never-smoking subjects and identification of environmental exposures".

COPD is characterized by chronic airway obstruction and impaired lung function and permanent and progressive symptoms like cough and breathlessness. COPD is a major cause of death throughout the world and its morbidity and mortality is still increasing. While smoking is the major risk factor for its development, genetic susceptibility is suggested to also play a determining role in the development of the disease. Thus, the concept of the genetically 'susceptible smoker' has been put forward by Professor Boezen, i.e. a person who develops COPD upon smoking, whereas other smokers do not develop COPD. The huge socio-economic burden of the disease and lack of knowledge on the origins of the 'susceptible smokers' led to Professor Boezen and her team to perform candidate studies in large population cohorts, followed by GWAS *) and studies investigating the relation of genetics to protein expression in association with biopsy findings in COPD patients. Apart from confirmation of the concept of the genetically susceptible smoker, Boezen also observed genetic effects on lung function decline that were independent of the effect of smoking.

Marike Boezen completed her PhD in 1998 at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, where she worked together with Prof. Dr. Dirkje S. Postma. She also holds MSc degrees in Human movement sciences (Faculty of Medicine, University of Groningen) and in Epidemiology (Faculty of Medicine, Free University Amsterdam). Her research is embedded in the Groningen Research Institute for Asthma and COPD (GRIAC) that she leads as programme director since 2008 at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), University of Groningen.

In addition to her membership with the ERS, Professor Boezen has interdisciplinary collaborations with a number of established scientific groups in Europe and the USA and is also author of numerous scientific publications.

"It was not an easy task to select a winner amongst all the valuable scientific contributions. On behalf of the ERS Scientific Committee, I thank all candidates for dedicating their time to improving current knowledge of COPD, a complex disease which in spite of being a leading cause of death remains highly underdiagnosed," said Professor Laurent P. Nicod, ERS Scientific Committee Chair. "In particular, we congratulate the awardee, Marike Boezen, who together with her research group has made an important contribution to better understanding the impact of specific environmental exposures other than active smoking in COPD patients. Her ongoing research might lead to identification of different genetic variants playing a role in disease onset, as well as the onset of impaired lung function, suggesting that genetic factors distinct from those involved in the onset of smoking-related COPD may determine non-smoking-related COPD."

"The originality and scientific relevance of all applications again gives the ERS Scientific Committee reason to continue the COPD Research Award, and we extend our thanks to Boehringer Ingelheim, a leader in the research and treatment of COPD, for making this possible. I very much look forward to receiving the same high-level quality of applications for the 2012 award," Professor Nicod added.

European members of the ERS up to age 45 are eligible to apply for the award. The official online application form can be found on the ERS website The deadline for applications is February 23, 2012. Selection of the successful candidates will be made by the Scientific Committee of the ERS and announced at the 2012 ERS Annual Congress.

* Genome-Wide Association Studies

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