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A European Strategy for Chronic Conditions

9 December 2010, Brussels, Belgium.
Chronic conditions are not just a health issue - they impact on the workplace, the home environment, social support services and family networks - yet governments for the most part have been slow to integrate policies, inter-departmental budgets and service provision to suit the needs of patients and providers and facilitate the input of community and private expertise.

EPPOSI's first workshop in 2008 identified the clear need for a Europe-wide strategy to ensure open, equal access to care and treatment for patients with chronic conditions, which is patient-centred and must recognise the often ignored role of carers. Now the challenge is how to turn that into reality.

EPPOSI's 2nd Workshop on Chronic Conditions is designed to help formulate the principal elements of a holistic new model which can actively reduce the debilitating personal and economic burden of chronic conditions. The model will be developed by a Task Force, to be set up after the workshop and based on its outcomes, which can be adapted and implemented in all Member States.

This follow-up meeting, supported by the Belgian EU Presidency and complementing its health ministerial on innovative approaches to chronic conditions, will also link in to the EU 2020 - Innovation Union strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. In the health sphere, this includes innovations not only in products and treatment, electronic health records and IT services, but also in processes, funding and care management.

EPPOSI's 2nd Workshop on Chronic Conditions is co-chaired by Bernard Maillet, UEMS; Detlef Niese, Novartis; and Susanna Palkonen, European Federation of Allergy and Airway Diseases Patients Association (EFA).

Who should attend?
Don't miss this opportunity to help deliver a holistic new model for chronic conditions decisionmaking to the benefit of all. Network and strategise with other stakeholders representing:

  • Patients' associations covering cardiovascular, respiratory, alcohol, nutrition, fitness and mental health issues
  • Clinicians and healthcare practitioners
  • Pharmaceutical and biopharma industries
  • EU public health and social policy-makers
  • E-health technology providers
  • National health, social services and employment policy-makers
  • National health systems insurers
  • Medical devices and technology manufacturers
  • Public health academics, scientists and research institutes
  • Employers

The full programme and background briefing are available to download as pdfs, along with the full registration information.

EPPOSI is an EU multi-stakeholder think tank on health policy. Its main objective is the exchange of information to bridge the gap between innovation and public health. Its primary mission is to establish a strong European alliance working to promote innovative healthcare best practice and implementation across Europe.