Antimicrobial resistance: Commission launches public consultation on new Action Plan

European CommissionThe Commission launches a public consultation on possible activities to include in the new "One Health" Action Plan against antimicrobial resistance (AMR) it plans to adopt by summer 2017. The consultation includes a questionnaire for public administrations and stakeholders and a questionnaire for citizens, to ensure that everyone has their voice heard on how best the Action Plan can support EU countries in the fight against AMR. The consultation will run until 28 April 2017.

AMR is a growing global health threat carrying a significant societal and economic burden. In the EU alone, AMR is responsible for 25 000 deaths and over EUR 1.5 billion of healthcare costs and productivity losses annually. Given its severity, AMR is a political priority within the EU and the European Commission has been committed to combatting it since 1999 with a "One Health" approach which recognises that the health of people, animals and the environment are inextricably linked.

The new Action Plan will build on the evaluation of the existing one, expanding towards innovative approaches, whilst ensuring the continuation of EU actions that are still needed. It will focus on activities with a clear EU added value and, where possible, on measurable and concrete outcomes.

This wide reaching public consultation should contribute towards the common goal of preserving the efficacy of antimicrobials, strengthening infection control and stimulating innovation into new treatments.

For further information and to participate in the public consultation, please visit: