New Visual identity of the European Medicines Agency

European Medicines Agency (EMA)The Agency unveiled its new visual identity on 8 December 2009. The new identity was developed primarily to ensure that the communications materials of the Agency are based on professionally designed templates, and created with a consistent look and feel. Communication with the public is an important aspect of the Agency's work, a second objective for developing the new visual identity was to ensure that the Agency's materials communicate to the public a clearer message about its role and activities.

Description of the new logo
The spherical symbol of the Agency's logo is a stylised representation of a mortar and pestle - one of the most ancient and universally recognised images associated with medicines, which are the core focus of the Agency.

This logo was tested with over 500 people from a broad spectrum of the Agency's key audiences, including patients, healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies and the public. The results of the tests indicated that this logo represented the role and character of the Agency more clearly and more directly than the previous logo or any of the other proposals developed by the Agency did.

The primary colour of the logo is the standard blue used by the institutions of the European Union, to reflect the very strong European identity and role of the Agency.

New slogan: Science. Medicines. Health.
Incorporated within the logo are three words that represent the 'three pillars' on which all of the Agency's work is based:

Science, representing the scientific expertise that guides the Agency in all of its regulatory decision-making.

Medicines, representing the Agency's focus on assessing and monitoring medicines to ensure their quality, safety and efficacy.

Health, representing the purpose for which the Agency was created, namely to protect and improve public and animal health.

Other elements of the visual identity
Besides the logo, the Agency's new visual identity incorporates a colour chart, typography rules, guidelines on use of imagery, design templates and a manual of formal guidelines on the proper use of these elements.

Transition period
Although most of the elements of the new visual identity are already in place, it is likely to take a while before all of the Agency's materials have been brought into compliance with it.

During a short transition period, expected to last until early 2010, some documents published on the Agency's website, along with some other Agency materials, will continue to be produced bearing the 'old' logo.

The thousands of legacy documents published on the Agency's website before 8 December 2009 will not be rebranded, and so will continue to bear the old logo.

For further information, please visit the new Agency's public website: