The Pharmaceutical Forum - Delivering for Patients

25 March 2009, Charlemagne Building, Brussels
The Commission is co-organising with the European Patient's Forum a conference in order to facilitate the dissemination of the outcomes of the Pharmaceutical Forum initiative among European and national patients groups and the Health Community at large. The Pharmaceutical Forum was set up for a 3 year period in 2005 with the objective of finding relevant solutions to public health considerations, while ensuring improvement of the performance of the pharmaceutical industry in terms of competitiveness and contribution to social and public health objectives.

The conference should provide patients' leaders and health stakeholders throughout the European Union an opportunity to share the knowledge gathered by the members of the Forum on information to patients, pricing & reimbursement and relative effectiveness, to explore the solutions proposed and to put forward proposal for actions to implement and follow up the recommendations in their respective organisations and constituencies.

Scope of the Conference
Given that direct involvement in the process was mostly focused on experts of Member States and key stakeholders at European Union level, it is important to ensure that the Conclusions and Recommendations and specific deliverables from each of the working groups are shared with the Health Community at large.

The primary focus of the conference will be the dissemination of the results of the Forum

In addition, concrete experiences will be presented to illustrate how the Conclusions and Recommendations could be translated into reality by the whole range of health stakeholders and to ensure the momentum and energy underpinning the Pharmaceutical Forum will be maintained at all levels.

Who is concerned?
The conference is primarily dedicated to patients groups either specialised in specific disease areas and/or representing patients at the local, national or European level.

Representatives from the broader health community with an interest in the three key areas addressed by the Pharmaceutical Forum are also very welcome.

Why take part in this conference?
The three years initiative gathered experts from all over the European Union representing different interests.

During this conference, for the first time, patient's representatives and experts from different European countries will discuss their experience on how to meet these challenges.

This conference is a unique opportunity for you to 1. Express your views on the outcomes of the Forum
2. Share your experiences on information to patients, pricing & reimbursement and relative effectiveness,
3. Put forward possible solutions of interest for the participants
4. Explore how to apply the outcomes of the Pharmaceutical Forum in your work
5. Learn from others in order to move forward in your own constituency

List of speakers and panellists
The final list of the speakers and panellists is not yet confirmed. Members of the three working groups of the Pharmaceutical Forum have been invited, representing the views of patients, Member States, and other stakeholders.

Room Jean Durieux (S4, 1st Floor), Charlemagne Building, rue de la Loi, 170, 1040 - Bruxelles

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