Medical Entrepreneur Start-up Hospital - M.E.S.H Camp 2014

17 - 18 September 2014, Berlin, Germany.
Anyone who's ever tried to launch a start-up knows how hard it is. It takes all you've got to succeed. DocCheck Guano organises a 2-day hospital camp event for start-ups in the health sector that will get you in shape. Whether you're a greenhorn or an old campaigner - any kind of healthcare start-up will get a treatment at M.E.S.H Camp 2014 (Medical Entrepreneur Start-up Hospital Camp 2014). The M.E.S.H Camp 2014 will be set on a small clearing in a forest, just five kilometres from Berlin Tegel airport. Inside and outside the tents you will receive individual diagnoses and plans to cure your start-up scars and learn about healthcare issues. Network with possible investors and other healthcare start-ups around an open-fire barbecue, take part in team challenges to get to know each other, and enjoy the all-natural atmosphere. Camp beds are provided for all participants.

About the Camp

  • For Start-ups: M.E.S.H Camp 2014 gives you the chance to present your case to experienced entrepreneurs and investment healers from the healthcare sector. You will get valuable diagnosis, in-depth reports about the situation on the healthcare battlefield, meet fellow start-ups with similar issues and work your way towards lifesaving capital transfusions. This is your chance to bond with fellow entrepreneurs for self-help and to be helped by experienced care givers - all outside of the ordinary office setting.
  • For investors: You will treat ambitious start-up entrepreneurs working on the next generation of healthcare innovation. Private consultation sessions will give you in-depth information about the start-ups to connect to in a unique way. Your presence will help them learn all about your offers. You can then decide about capital transfusions or other treatment options.

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