Key Account Management Europe Summit

29 - 30 November 2010, London, UK.
Eyeforpharma's Key Account Management Europe Summit, taking place in London in November, includes a half-day workshop led by David Wright, director of Imonic, a leading expert on KAM and chair of the KAM stream at SFE Europe 2010 in Barcelona. Following the success of the SFE event, which attracted over 200 delegates to the KAM element alone, David's detailed discussions with Kate Eversole and eyeforpharma contributed to the formulation of the new London-based KAM summit, which we are delighted to see includes an impressive program of speakers from both pharma and healthcare providers.

The November workshop will focus on providing practical solutions, and will address in particular the following:

  • How to get and keep commitment from your leadership team, not just a token lip-service acceptance (e.g., comments such as "You can implement KAM but you can't change the organizational structure or the incentive scheme, and we're not investing in new IT systems!"). How do you prove that the ‘old model' is broken and no longer works? How do you exploit and communicate the benefits of KAM and get the investments and commitments you need to make a success of KAM in your organization?
  • How to measure KAM effectively. The temptation is to still track 'calls per day', but the emphasis with KAM is on quality, not quantity, so other metrics become relevant. What are these metrics? How do they correlate to sales and how can they be implemented?
  • Why is effective planning critical to the success of KAM? How do you get the balance right between time allocated to planning and time in the field? What constitutes best practice as far as planning is concerned, and how can effective account strategies be developed and implemented?
  • How to align IT systems to support best practice in KAM and how to develop a clear statement of requirements and assess the gaps.
  • What are the account management skills critical for KAM success? How do we achieve a high quality of engagement from account teams?
  • How to use a customer feedback program to improve success with KAM and identify what customers want and evaluate their feedback.

Imonic's David Wright will offer unique insights into how pharma should confront these challenges in 2011, with practical advice and solutions based on Imonic's experiences of KAM implementation in pharma and for over 20 years in other sectors.

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