ExL Pharma presents Digital Pharma Europe

March 30-31, 2009, Barcelona, Spain.
The phenomena of Web 2.0 and social media deserve their own conference specifically geared for pharma, because it is no longer about "integrating eMarketing into your overall strategy." In Europe and in the rest of the world the "e" is now indistinguishable from the old channels-they are now one and the same.

Digital Pharma Europe features a world class faculty drawn from both Europe and the US. This will give conference attendees the opportunity to hear a more global perspective-this is essential in today's ever shrinking world.

Digital Pharma Europe topics:

  • Developing Guidance for Social Media Engagement: A Framework of Principles and Practices
    Heidi Youngkin, Executive Director, Global Marketing
    Johnson & Johnson
  • Creating Successful eRelationships as the Foundation for all Web 2.0 Initiatives to Motivate Physician Behavior
    Martin Hensen, Head of eStrategies
    UCB Schwarz Pharma (Germany)
  • Digital Interactions -A Crucial Part of your Integrated Marketing Campaign
    Kai Gait, Digital Commerce Marketing Manager
  • CRM as the Foundation of Digital Pharma
    Dr. Thomas Buck, Release Manager CRM
    Lilly Deutschland GmbH
  • How to Convince Management to Invest in Web 2.0 When you Deal in a "Speciality Market" like Oncology
    Guillaume Maurin, Brand Manager SBT Oncology Europe
    Pfizer (France)
  • Successfully Integrating Digital Media into the Overall Marketing Mix to Serve as an Effective Business Driver
    Sam Trujillo, Director, Consumer Marketing, Women's Healthcare Business Unit
    Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals (US)
  • Web Business Strategies: How to Manage Organizational Aspects
    Emanuela Guttoriello, Brand Manager
    Boehringer Ingelheim Italia s.p.a.
  • Exploring the Power of Targeted Action in the Digital Era
    Amilcar Barreto, Marketing Manager
    Roche (Portugal)
  • Digital Programs in the Areas Of Physician, Consumer And Payer
    Kevin H. Nalty, Marketing Director, Dermatology at a top US Pharma company and Video Comedian on YouTube
  • An Assessment of Currently Available Online Educational Tools for Physicians and How to Make Improvements
    Marion Frank, International Product Manager
    Boehringer Ingelheim (Germany)
  • Best Practices for the Use of Web 2.0 and Social Media Tools for Internal Collaboration,
    Erik Van der Zijden, Innovation Manager,
    Intervet/Schering-Plough (Netherlands)
  • Also featured in Digital Pharma Europe panel discussions:

    Paul Dixey, Multi-Channel Manager
    Schering-Plough UK and Ireland

    Marc Monseau, Director Corporate Communications and Social Media,
    Johnson & Johnson

    Mark Bard, President,
    Manhattan Research

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