Global E-Health Forum: Designing Personalized Healthcare

11 - 13 October 2011, Hamburg, Germany.
Dr. Eric M. Liederman (Director of Medical Informatics, The Permanente Medical Group, U.S.A.) has confirmed his keynote at this year's Global E-Health Forum. He will present "Balancing Privacy Protection with Patient Care". Healthcare organizations are under increasing regulatory pressure to improve the quality and safety of care and to protect patient privacy. Electronic Health Records (EHR) provide a vehicle to improve care, however concerns over protecting the system against privacy violations are a significant challenge. Dr. Eric Liederman will discuss how to achieve a balance between protecting privacy and security, and fostering high quality patient care.

Learn how Kaiser Permanente's "trust, but hold accountable" approach using forensic mining of its EHR audit databases, resulted in a > 90% reduction in privacy violations over several weeks. Learn how deterrence methods have also helped clinicians and staff avoid giving in to career-ending temptation.

Canada is Partner Country
Mr. Peter M. Boehm, Ambassador of Canada in Germany is pleased to endorse the Global E-Health Forum in Hamburg. He states: "Developing successful e-health solutions requires combining knowledge and technology in several key areas, including: enabling electronic communications infrastructure; providing remote communities in Canada with access to clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals through the use of advanced information communications technologies; improving health information systems to support service delivery including virtual health libraries; and upholding the health privacy of patients through high standards of information management and exchange." For full text, please see

Transforming healthcare in Canada through e-health, the challenges facing the health system in Canada and the role of information and information technology within a reformed health system - these are the topics Richard C. Alvarez, President and Chief Executive Officer, Canada Health Infoway, will address in his keynote.

The first two conference days at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce will feature more speakers from all over the globe. Their strategy presentations and case studies will be complemented by discussion forums, workshops and an exhibition of solution providers. The official reception for the conference delegates will take place in the U.S. Consulate General ("the little White House at the lake Alster") on October 11. The third day is dedicated to various breakout sessions and guided tours at different locations (among others hospitals) targeting the individual information needs of special interest groups.

Register by August 30 for a conference fee of Euro 599 incl. VAT. The fee includes the admission to all conference sessions, lunches, coffee breaks and the evening reception on October 11, 2011.

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