IT@Networking Awards 2012: Final Call for Abstracts

The IT @ Networking Awards 2012 (IT @ 2012) is an open competition for fully implemented, operable healthcare IT solutions. IT @ 2012 will identify some of the finest and most innovative departmental, institutional, local, regional and national healthcare solutions. Intelligent medical technology and IT increase cost-effectiveness, productivity and safety. IT @ 2012 is designed to help healthcare facilities identify proven medical technology investments.

In order to ensure cross-departmental understanding IT @ 2012 requires each submission to answer the following questions below. After each presentation and Q&A session the audience and expert judges (CEOs, CIOs, CMIOs, hospital and IT managers, radiologists, policy makers, physicians) will cast their vote according to this structure:

1. The Importance of Technology
What technology was used and how was it integrated into the workplace?

2. Benefits
Has the project helped those it was designed to help?
Has the project changed how tasks are performed?
What new advantages or opportunities does the project provide?

3. Originality
What makes the solution special?
Are there any original features?
Is it the first, the only, the best or the most effective application of its kind?
Is it an improvement on existing implementations?

4. Difficulty
What important obstacles had to be overcome?
Were there any technical or organisational problems?

5. Success
Has the project achieved or exceeded its goals?
How do you see the project's success affecting other applications, your facility or other organisations?
How quickly would the users accept the implications of this innovation?

6. Impact
What is your overall impression of the project?

If you run a fully operable healthcare IT and/or medical technology solution then do not miss your chance. This unique event allows you to present your work to an expert audience and get the recognition you deserve.

To enter into this international competition, please prepare and send a 300 word description of your project not later than by September 30th.

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