BMJ Group Produces Authoritative Guide And Courses On Swine Flu For Medical Professionals Across The World

Responding to the World Health Organisation's recent confirmation of swine flu as a pandemic, BMJ Learning, the medical education arm of the BMJ Group, has updated and revised its guide 'Influenza pandemics: why, what, and how to prepare' which covers all the information doctors need to know about pandemic flu including details of the epidemiological features and a description of the viruses involved.

Three audio modules have also been published:

  • 'Swine influenza: an update' has been produced in association with the UK Health Protection Agency. It reviews how doctors should be dealing with cases and suspected cases
  • 'Pandemic flu: an update on ethical dilemmas' discusses the ethical dilemmas that doctors are likely to face as a pandemic worsens and answers questions about when doctors should risk their own and their families’ health to care for the sick and how to share out the available resources – drugs, ventilators, vaccines – when there’s not enough to go round
  • 'Planning for a pandemic: an up to date guide is produced to help doctors plan for a pandemic, and includes interviews with GPs and GP leaders.

Further information is available at:

The BMJ Group has also collated all its information on swine flu at This site also includes “doc2doc” which provides an opportunity for doctors to share information with each other in confidence.

Edward Briffa, Head of BMJ Learning said: "The BMJ Group is providing doctors with access to up to date information presented in a way that is easy to understand which can help medical professionals across the world to prepare for dealing with pandemic flu."

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