iawards to Recognise and Celebrate the Best Achievements in Science, Technology and Innovation

iawards are the first awards of their kind to be backed by the British government, working in partnership with leading entrepreneur James Caan. They will shine a light on new technologies and innovations, showing how they can translate into the innovative products and services that improve our daily lives. They will stimulate commercial interest, as well as helping to bridge the gap between business and the general public.

Businesses and organisations can nominate themselves for an iaward and entries must specify the British involvement in any innovation - demonstrating that innovative thinking and development came from a British organisation or team, even if commercialisation took place elsewhere.

Each entry must also demonstrate that its innovation can address one of the following challenges:

  • healthcare and our ageing population.
  • global competition and national growth.
  • improving public services through technology.
  • global security - ranging from our national duty to tackle global poverty to the threat of international terrorism.
  • conserving finite natural resources in the face of a growing population.

The closing date for entries is 16 September 2009.

The award ceremony will take place at The Science Museum on 16 November 2009.

For further information and how to get involved, please visit:

About iawards
In recent years, the UK's strength in science, technology and innovation has been the unsung hero of the economy as a whole.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) - in partnership with James Caan - believe that if, as a country, we are to come out of the current economic climate stronger and better able to compete in the global economy, we must support innovation and science.

The market reality is extremely clear: science, technology and innovation will be the drivers of the global economy in the years ahead.

The iawards will celebrate the best of British innovation and help build this future.