Prescribing Research Takes Priority at First DataBank Europe

First DataBankFirst DataBank Europe announced sponsorship of the Prescribing and Prescriptions Management seminar to be held at independent research charity The King's Fund's premises in London on 23 March as part of the Inquiry into the Quality of General Practice.

Launched in April 2009, the 18 month inquiry aims to collect and examine evidence on the quality of care and services provided by GPs and other health professions working in general practice in the UK.

In addition to formal research, on-line forums and conferences, a series of nine expert seminars are being held featuring 30-40 specially invited practitioners and related professionals. The seminars offer participants an opportunity to provide their views and interrogate the research undertaken to date.

The whole inquiry is very much focusing on the quality of care provision from the perspective of the patient and is targeted at improving professional practice to achieve good quality care.

Managing Director of First DataBank Europe, Darren Nichols, comments: "First DataBank Europe has been providing prescribing support to GPs for over 30 years. As part of our continual improvement programme, we are keen to be part of this debate examining prescribing in general practice."

About First DataBank
First DataBank (FDB) is the world's leading provider of drug knowledge bases and active clinical decision support. With over 30 years' experience of maintaining, developing and integrating drug knowledge bases across the entire healthcare spectrum, FDB has unrivalled expertise and knowledge in this specialist field. NHS Connecting for Health has chosen FDB to provide drug-related clinical decision support.

Patient safety is the driving force behind our business. Through the effective integration of our products into clinical systems, we enable safer prescribing, dispensing and administration.

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About The King's Fund
The King’s Fund is a charity that seeks to understand how the health system in England can be improved. Using that insight, we help to shape policy, transform services and bring about behaviour change. Our work includes research, analysis, leadership development and service improvement. We also offer a wide range of resources to help everyone working in health to share knowledge, learning and ideas.