Novoseek in the Virtual Library of the Spanish Council for Scientific Research

Novoseek, the free biomedical search engine developed by the bioinformatics company Bioalma, has been incorporated to electronic information resources available at the Spanish Council of Scientific Research (CSIC). This integration will permit members of the CSIC to access novoseek directly from the CSIC Virtual Library. All the novoseek users belonging to the CSIC, will find a direct link of to complete documents available at the CSIC Virtual Library. Novoseek will therefore become part of the CSIC Network of Libraries resources available to its scientific community.

"Integration of novoseek biomedical search engine in our digital Library Network will enhance the search experience for biomedical contents. This initiative promotes both novoseek and the CSIC Virtual Library and we are confident that it will have a warm welcome in our biomedical community," said Agn├Ęs Ponsati, Director of the Libraries Coordination Unit.

"With this agreement, CSIC researchers will benefit from novoseek's semantic and information extraction technology while also enjoying direct access to the full text of articles published in any of the journals offered by the CSIC Library Network. The CSIC is the most important research institution in Spain and this collaboration between Bioalma and CSIC Library Network is indeed proving to be very fruitful," said Luis Cornide, Bioalma's General Manager.

Novoseek offers a powerful alternative to traditional information retrieval systems such as PubMed, and is aimed at a variety of audiences within the biomedical community, including students, medical doctors, medical librarians and biomedical scientists and researchers. Since its introduction in February 2009, Bioalma has added significant functionality to novoseek, including the ability to search grant award information from entities such as the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP), as well as the ability to conduct full-text searches in all Open Access journals housed in PubMed Central.

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About novoseek
Novoseek is a dynamic information extraction system for searching the published knowledge in biomedical literature.

Novoseek indexes the biomedical literature with text mining technology built by Bioalma that identifies key biomedical terms taking into account external available data and contextual term information. As a result of this indexing technology, novoseek retrieves every document where a term is mentioned no matter the synonym used and discards those documents where the term is used with an unwanted meaning.

About Bioalma
Located in Madrid, Spain, Bioalma is an IT company specialized in the research and development of biomedical software.

Bioalma was founded in 2000 as a spin-off of a bioinformatics group in the National Center of Biotechnology and a privately-held company, as part of the Bionostra group. Bioalma prides itself on an elite team of well-known, internationally-leading scientists as part of its scientific committee and has successfully marketed its technology to different research institutions, universities, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, including National Institutes of Health, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Roche and Althea Technologies.

Bioalma is a privately-owned company, part of the Bionostra group. The Bionostra Group is composed of four companies that share the common objective of being leaders in the biotechnology and bioinformatics sectors. Its main activity is scientific research focused on the development of new technologies, products and biotechnology services within the field of human health. Bionostra Group is composed of Bioalma, ChimeraPharma, Bionostra and Microbionta.

About CSIC
The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) is a National Agency as declares the Real Decreto 1730/2007, de 21 de Diciembre BOE, and it is the Spanish most important Public Organism for Research, with presence in all the Spanish regions through 126 centers and 145 associated units.

The objective of the CSIC is the promotion, coordination, development and diffusion of the scientific and technologic research with a multidisciplinary character. The final intention of these activities is to contribute to the advance of the knowledge and the economic, social and cultural development. Additionally, it is also dedicated to the training of scientific staff, and advising public and private entities about these activities.

The CSIC Library network is form by 78 specialized libraries distributed in 21 cities from 10 regions,

The mission of the Library Network is to provide a horizontal scientific information system that ensures the selection, organization, diffusion, access and preservation of the information resources. These services will create intellectual and scientific connection mechanisms between these resources with the intention of be a useful instrument in the research process, and educate in the effective use and evaluation of the scientific information. To achieve this mission, the Library Network will use in a local o remote way, infrastructures and high-quality services that guarantees that the science generated at the CSIC is a well-informed science.