Biocitech technology park posts record number of partnerships in 2009

Biocitech SAS, the Paris life science technology park, announced that its 23 resident companies exceeded past performance again in 2009 with a significant increase in the number of agreements concluded with pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies outside Biocitech. Biocitech has drawn attention in the past to the excellent working relationships forged between residents, and 2009 shows how successfully the residents are working internationally and with other companies in France.

"Biocitech 2009 results show the vitality of the technology park and how it is actively building collaboration with companies internationally," said Jean-Fran├žois Boussard, CEO at Biocitech. "We look forward to continuing progress in 2010 as we move forward with our expansion plans."

In total, resident enterprises signed 37 agreements with outside companies in 2009. This compares with 27 in 2008, a rise of 37 per cent. Other scientific achievements included the publication of 40 scientific articles or posters, up from 18 in 2008, and some 69 presentations at major international scientific gatherings (57 in 2008). Two significant acquisitions involving Biocitech residents took place. Novexel was acquired by AstraZeneca for USD 505 million (EUR 375M) and Mutabilis by French firm Pharma Omnium International for an undisclosed sum.

The rise in the number of patents applied for by residents was more than 150 per cent (86 compared with 34 in 2008). Residents made a number of other significant scientific advances in 2009. These included the establishment of six new proofs of concept, completion of six pre-clinical and ten clinical trials including three entries into Phase II. Residents also claimed eight other major scientific advances.

Seven years after Biocitech was established, the "campus effect" is still alive and well: 14 new partnerships were formed between residents in 2009.

In 2009, the total amount of funding and grant aid obtained by residents reached close to EUR 23.5 million (USD 31.5M). This came mainly from equity funding. It brought the total amount of funding raised since 2003 within the park to EUR 364 million (USD 488M).

One newcomer took up residence in the park in 2009: Biophytis, a company specializing in nutrition and Amazonian biodiversity. The arrival extends Biocitech's expertise to the field of research in dietary supplements and natural ingredients with proven health benefits.

"The scientific effervescence and dynamism of the park have grown ceaselessly since Biocitech's creation seven years ago," said Jean-Fran├žois Boussard, CEO at Biocitech. "Jacques Lhomel, in whose footsteps I am following as CEO, succeeded in establishing an effective environment ideally suited to the development of biotechnology companies, He has made a big contribution along with the rest of the team to achieving recognition for Biocitech and establishing it as a major player in the biotech world. I would like to congratulate Jacques on the work he and the residents have done and hope to carry their good work."

About Biocitech
The Biocitech technology park for life sciences offers a world-class environment and services for the development of biotechnology, biopharmaceutical and fine chemical companies.

Biocitech is on the outskirts of Paris, only 20 minutes from the city center and Charles de Gaulle airport. It is privately-owned and provides secure premises and comprehensive facilities based on the latest technology. It has received regulatory approval for conformity to environmental protection standards. Companies can use one or many of the services offered. These include offices, laboratories and a range of technical and scientific services - all designed to let entrepreneurs concentrate their time and resources on their core business.

Companies already established at Biocitech represent a wide variety of complementary disciplines and many are working on collaborative projects.

Along with other organizations in the Ile-de-France region around Paris, Biocitech plays a key role in the Medicen Paris Region network. This is a healthcare and new therapy cluster designated by the French government as internationally competitive and hence qualified for special privileges.

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