Pharmacy's online service helps care homes improve their support for residents

Pharmacy Plus launched its new Online Service, the service which is freely available to all its customers offers a unique online tool that provides care homes with data and analysis relating to individual patients medication history and drug usage, to enable them to offer improved and personalised care to all their residents.

The more homes use the online system the more they are able to reduce patient risks, as the online data provides care staff and GPs working together, with a very powerful tool to monitor and intervene in the treatment of residents. The result is a reduction in the number of patients who have to be admitted as emergency cases to hospital.

Tariq Muhammad, MD of Pharmacy Plus says, "Part of the inspiration for us to further improve our online service was the introduction of the new CQC Outcomes framework which comes into force on 1st October 2010. Pharmacy Plus believes the changes are on the whole positive and will provide a good opportunity for homes to demonstrate the quality of their service delivery to residents. However, we do feel care homes may require support, such as that offered by our Online Service, to ensure the necessary processes are in place so they are able to meet the new CQC outcomes, especially Outcome 9 - Medicines Management."

The current Pharmacy Plus Online Service is already valued and regularly used by most of its care home customers. However recognizing how much more could be delivered via online services, the company has redeveloped the site to incorporate many new features and functions. As well as giving access to prescription information for each resident in the care home, the new online service will provide statistics, resources, reports, audits and many interactive features. For example homes will be able to record patient reviews that have been carried out and record any interventions that have been made, all this is done using a secure connection between the Care Home and Pharmacy Plus.

Tariq Muhammad goes on to say that, "Over the last few months we have carefully considered how we could more effectively support each care home and also specifically help them to achieve their CQC Outcomes. After lengthy deliberation amongst all our pharmacists we have concluded that we could best do this by creating a set of guidelines, (which explain clearly what the care home needs to do) and show homes how they should use Pharmacy Plus online services to help meet them.

No other Pharmacy does or indeed can provide this type of service to their care home customers, one that helps enable their dedicated staff to deliver the best possible service to residents."

The new website will be available for Pharmacy Plus customers on the company website, for further information, visit

About Pharmacy Plus
Pharmacy Plus is a specialist pharmaceutical service provider to Care Homes, based in Bristol and supplies over 300 homes across many parts of the UK.