New partnership combines clinical support with ePrescribing

A new partnership will enable healthcare professionals to have access to clinical noting, patient management, drug data and electronic prescribing from a single application. Clinical Solutions has signed a three-year deal with leading primary healthcare supplier EMIS, to integrate the Mentor Drug Database Module into its IntefleCS™ Face to Face software.

The integrated application will mean that healthcare professionals using IntefleCS™ Face to Face software will have access to an accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date drug knowledge base in a face to face setting, e.g. Urgent Care Centres, Walk-in Centres and Minor Injury Units.

The introduction of the Mentor Drug Database will support the implementation of electronic prescribing, helping healthcare professionals to confidently embrace expanding roles and responsibilities to meet the changing needs of the urgent care setting and the increasing expectations of patients as consumers.

The application will also provide healthcare professionals with contra indications and interactions, to promote patient safety and minimise the risk of adverse drug incidents.

Chris Jones, Mentor Commercial Manager, explains, "By providing support for diagnosis, drug selection and prescribing, the integration of our Mentor Drug Database with the Clinical Solutions application will help increase productivity and promote cost effectiveness within an urgent care setting.

"In addition to helping clinicians to reduce the risk of incorrect prescribing, we hope to help health services increase patient satisfaction by promoting access to medications and prescriptions when needed."

Access to improved prescribing documentation for clinical audit and reporting purposes will be an additional benefit of the partnership.

Richard Craven, director at Clinical Solutions adds, "The availability of a drug database, already used by the majority of UK GPs, offers potential for better integration and information sharing in line with national objectives. Ultimately this will help improve patient safety by providing a fuller context in which to make decisions about a patient's treatment."

Clinical Solutions' customers will be able to upgrade to the integrated application following the forthcoming release of its urgent care product, IntefleCS™ Face to Face, an assessment and consultation solution developed specifically for in-person patient encounters.

About Clinical Solutions
Clinical Solutions is a leading supplier of flexible evidence-based decision support and clinical software solutions to the healthcare industry that help healthcare professionals and citizens safely and consistently assess a patient’s symptoms and direct them to the most appropriate level of care. This results in more efficient management of resources and alleviates pressure on emergency and primary healthcare services. This means lower costs, lower risks and a higher degree of patient satisfaction.

Clinical Solutions is a market focused organisation that works with its customers, to establish a close working partnership through the sharing of ideas, knowledge and expertise. Its scaleable solutions have been proven to guide clinicians to deliver best practice in providing leading healthcare advice.

The company also provides knowledge management and case management solutions, used for long term conditions management, web-based health assistants including bio-surveillance solutions used in pandemic and biological threat situations, and out-of-hours solutions for urgent care to both public and private healthcare providers. With each implementation, Clinical Solutions provides project management, IT consultancy and customisation, training and 24/7 support. Clinical Solutions has offices in UK, USA and Australia. Its customers include; NHS Direct in England and Wales; NHS 24 in Scotland; and many walk-in centres across England, as well as customers in North America, Portugal, Norway, Australia, and New Zealand. Its solutions are used to serve over 100 million people across the world. With a mission to change the way the world accesses health and social care service, Clinical Solutions continues to invest in developing software solutions for health and social care organisations around the world. For further information, visit

About EMIS
EMIS is the UK's leading supplier of IT systems to GPs, providing the software that holds the medical records for 39 million NHS patients nationwide. Around 56 per cent of GPs in the UK currently use EMIS software.

The company has a 20-year history of innovation within the UK primary care market. Founded by GPs Dr Peter Sowerby and Dr David Stables, its guiding ethos is that the software used by GP surgeries should be "written by doctors, for doctors".

EMIS is responsible for a number of innovatory products and services for GPs and patients, including EMIS Access - the first online appointment bookings service; a groundbreaking electronic prescription management service and a shared data system that enables secure GP-to-GP exchange of patient records.

EMIS's Mentor Drug Database is an accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date drug knowledge base that is used by the majority of GPs in the UK. It provides comprehensive clinical drug information, incorporating currently available UK licensed products, Drug Tariff of England & Wales listings and pricing information. It enables clinical system developers to deliver decision support and patient safety checking, providing the information clinicians need at the appropriate time.

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