VTU Technology Launches Breakthrough Technology for High Level Methanol-free Protein Expression

VTU Technology, a leading contract research and development company providing services for the fast-track generation of high-performance industrial protein expression strains and processes for the biopharmaceutical and other protein industries announces the launch of their 2nd generation AOX1 promoter variants allowing for methanol-free protein expression in Pichia pastoris.

An exclusive library of synthetic AOX1 promoter variants - VTU's highly approved 1st generation promoter variants - forms the core of VTU's cutting-edge in-house Pichia pastoris toolbox enabling high-level protein expression (>10 g/L) for a variety of proteins (serum proteins, Fabs, Ab derived fragments, fusion proteins, cytokines, scaffold proteins, enzymes). This unmatched technology platform is now complemented by novel 2nd generation AOX1 promoter variants allowing for methanol-free expression thus providing our customers high performance expression strains no longer dependent on methanol induction.

VTU's highly approved Pichia pastoris expression toolbox is characterized by a large number of exclusive AOX1 promoter variants with superior regulatory properties enabling proper fine-tuning of gene expression by selecting the perfect match of promoter/target gene combinations.

A subset of VTU's AOX1 promoter library has been found to elicit high productivities already during the glycerol-based derepression phase obviating the initiation of methanol dosing for induction, thus allowing efficient methanol-free PAOX1 controlled production of recombinant proteins such as e.g. 15 g/L for CBH2 and 11 g/L for HSA upon glycerol feed, only.

VTU's cutting-edge technologies and elaborated time-saving procedures paired with these exceptionally versatile and flexible promoter variants provide our customers industrial high-performance strains capable of expressing a wide range of recombinant proteins without methanol induction. VTU has successfully applied this new technology for the expression of various products. Our track record highlights the potential of this unique expression technology now available for our customers. Safe and economically viable production processes are guaranteed through elimination of efforts and costs associated with methanol handling.

VTU Technology is the only company worldwide offering Pichia pastoris methanol-free PAOX1 controlled production processes with unmatched product yields, speed of development and highest quality standards.

About VTU Technology
VTU Technology is a contract research and development company providing fast-track generation of high-performance industrial protein expression strains for biopharmaceuticals and other protein manufacturers. VTU applies its exclusive cutting-edge Pichia pastoris protein production platform and offers expertise and services, which span the entire range from gene or sequence to highly productive expression strains and target protein, in minimum time.