clin360 Set to Change the Medical Research Study Game Permanently

The days of slow, disorganized clinical trials and isolated silos of information are finally over. clin360 is a new content management system (CMS) for the healthcare market that will forever change the way we carry out and even think about clinical trials. The pharmaceutical industry, research organizations, and healthcare professionals alike are sure to appreciate the convenience and flexibility of this ingenious platform, which acts as a central hub for sites, doctors, CRAs, and anybody else involved - or even merely interested - in any particular trial. And more importantly, vital clinical trials involving potentially life-saving technology will proceed on a more timely basis.

clin360 is described in a dedicated website: For those who visit the site and decide to get hooked up, the great benefits of such a well-thought-out CMS will be immediately evident. Users are going to get a platform which takes all aspects of running a clinical trial and brings them together under one format, making it easily and securely available to anyone involved anywhere in the world, using any type of standard browser. CRAs, investigators, health care professionals, management, and the public alike are going to love the control, visibility, and overall access.

In designing this product, the internationally recognized Coligane Group set out with the goals of making trial recruitment easier, and streamlining the monitoring and management of trials by CRAs. Public access to trial progress and general information was another major consideration in its overall design. "We feel that public education about clinical trials, and streamlining the efficiency of those trials, not only ought to be a moral imperative, but that it really just makes good business sense", says Olivier Laurent, CEO at Coligane. He explains: "Getting the public excited about pure research, product development, and/or possible distribution is one of the best marketing strategies out there - not merely for the subject of your trial, but for your entire brand or institution."

But, good PR aside, the primary crux of clin360 lies in the process itself. Every aspect of clin360 has been thoroughly tested by seasoned industry professionals, and all of them attest to both the usability and the security of the system. The platform features 5 different levels of secure access: HCP, Investigator, CRA, Manager, and Administrator. Each user has the ability to custom configure the settings in order to prioritize different sources of information, as well as to disseminate info to appropriate parties. The platform offers SMTP services (e-mail) and hosting, Google analytics activation for HCP, Investigator, Manager and CRA role users, allows multiple languages within its context, and is designed to be user friendly, practical, and useful to practically every member of the study team.

Having developed such a novel, convenient, and innovative product, Coligane is clearly targeting the entire world market. "Luxembourg has been the first to take on the platform, even before the official launch, but we're shooting for all corners of the globe", says Laurent. He continues, "Our position as a consultancy allows us superior flexibility in both thought and action. For instance, Coligane group will install and configure this core CMS onto our clients’ own servers, or we can propose a dedicated hosting plan on our very own data center. We are able to adapt clin360 to each client's needs, for each and every unique situation." Coligane seems to have its ducks in a row with clin360... an instantly essential and desirable product, a well-planned marketing strategy, and the prestige of a respected, well-connected research consultancy group will go a long way to ensure great success.

About Coligane Group
Coligane Group is an entrepreneurial consultancy based in Lasne Belgium, specializing in Health Care, Pharmaceutical, and Clinical Research solutions, as well as the Computer and Service Industries in general. Coligane takes a full-spectrum approach to their services, acting as a solid platform for their clients, helping their dreams develop quickly into concrete applications.